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Dynamic Excellence completes ECM deployment in Abu-Dhabi, UAE for an Aerospace joint venture with the Allied Air Forces in the Middle East.

Dynamic Excellence recently deployed, customized and trained users on their new ECM system in the Middle East. This system will serve the aerospace company as a data management system, managing and monitoring all documentation, files and other information resources, such as CAD projects, and parts manuals, for servicing and maintaining Air Force fleet aircraft on missions in Middle East. DEI presented the SmartSearch EDMS system as the critical solutions piece for their puzzle, and after several competing product reviews and testing periods, were awarded the project. Due to NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and Rules of Security being signed...


March 14, 2016: Dynamic Excellence integrates Docuphase 6.0 with Procede Software’s ‘Excede’ Truck Dealership Management Software for expanded operations at Performance Truck Inc. in Cleveland, Texas.

After about 9 months of product demonstrations, integration trials and working closely with the administration staff and management officials at Performance Companies, headquartered in Cleveland, Texas, DEI completed the implementation of a new Docuphase 6.0 system for expanding the abilities and reach of the already-potent Procede Excede Truck Dealership Management System.

Performance Truck is a very successful, multi-site dealership for heavy Truck Sales, Service and Parts replenishment. Their upper management, seeing the need to both acquire and attach good content...


Through a highly competitive federal procurement company award process, Dynamic Excellence in Information has deployed business automation and a document control system for a Refinery-Based Company.

This particular refinery-based company works in both Oil refinement and Chemical refinery operations. DEI was faced with the challenge of coming up with a unique solution to alleviate all document archiving, searchability, and ergonomic workflow improvements for a refinery-based company. The solution also had to be integration-friendly with both SAP and Oracle/IBM ERM software applications, and it had to enable a long measure of compliance standards on data and documentation, to ease the client’s frustrations with the ever-increasing EPA and other federal regulation...


This year’s Procede Software Conference in San Diego, California for the end-users of the Excede Dealer Management System, brought in key staff and officials from dealerships and service companies all over the United States and Canada. Dynamic Excellence in Information was a Silver Sponsor for this year’s gathering. The conference was held May 15 – May 17 at the Gaslamp Westin Hotel and Conference Center in downtown San Diego.

Procede Software Corporation provides the most robust and comprehensive software suite of products for operating and managing Truck and Car Dealerships, as well as companies selling and maintaining other heavy vehicular equipment and service companies tied to that equipment. Dynamic Excellence was on display at the conference, showing its robust Docuphase...