Dynamic Excellence At Performance Truck Inc.

March 14, 2016: Dynamic Excellence integrates Docuphase 6.0 with Procede Software’s ‘Excede’ Truck Dealership Management Software for expanded operations at Performance Truck Inc. in Cleveland, Texas.

After about 9 months of product demonstrations, integration trials and working closely with the administration staff and management officials at Performance Companies, headquartered in Cleveland, Texas, DEI completed the implementation of a new Docuphase 6.0 system for expanding the abilities and reach of the already-potent Procede Excede Truck Dealership Management System.

Performance Truck is a very successful, multi-site dealership for heavy Truck Sales, Service and Parts replenishment. Their upper management, seeing the need to both acquire and attach good content management to their main software application, Procede Software’s Excede DMS, for getting a handle on information coming into their business from external sources, called upon DEI to compete in a product evaluation to find the right solution.

Today, Docuphase has attached high-powered, web-based, robust document management to the Procede system with advanced document scanning, data sharing between applications, and a seamless, no-programming search of external documentation from inside the Excede DMS. Docuphase engineers also assisted DEI staff with integrating behind the scenes SQL-2-SQL functionality with Excede, and has recently deployed business process automation using E-Forms and Automated Workflow to begin elimination of a lot of old paper-based tasks and time-consuming executions. A main goal of Performance Truck is a significant cost reduction of wasted revenues handling paper, document logistics and office labor. That is one of the promises DEI has made this customer and will keep on working with Performance Truck to assure the increase in revenue savings is attained

“It was a great platform for integrating synergistic functions between users of the Procede Software and Docuphase…” said DEI company CEO, Terry Abrams, “the Excede software is designed very cleanly and with nice, tight organization of its data, and Docuphase’s ‘Data Exchange’ technology, along with its ‘iLink’ integration tools made it easy to access, and share data functions, without impacting performance of either application.” Abrams also noted that without a lot of generous help from Performance Truck’s management officials and IT staff, and the success-driven model at iDatix, the Docuphase product manufacturer, the project could have easily been much more difficult than it actually was. Performance Truck is now leading the way and offering referral viewing of their overall combined systems, to other Truck Dealership chains and service centers across the country, for those interested in being both paperless, automated, and optimized in running their Truck Dealership operations. For Docuphase, you can call your DEI representative, and Procede’s Excede DMS software can be found here: