2017 PSC A Booming Success

This year’s Procede Software Conference in San Diego, California for the end-users of the Excede Dealer Management System, brought in key staff and officials from dealerships and service companies all over the United States and Canada. Dynamic Excellence in Information was a Silver Sponsor for this year’s gathering. The conference was held May 15 – May 17 at the Gaslamp Westin Hotel and Conference Center in downtown San Diego.

Procede Software Corporation provides the most robust and comprehensive software suite of products for operating and managing Truck and Car Dealerships, as well as companies selling and maintaining other heavy vehicular equipment and service companies tied to that equipment. Dynamic Excellence was on display at the conference, showing its robust Docuphase and PSIGEN Software integrations with the Excede DMS.

The Procede Software users were able to see the fully automated document scanning options in the Docuphase system, whereby with embedded barcode adjustment to the Excede documents, Docuphase could scan, categorize and archive all of their Excede documentation with as many index fields as the end-user desired, and not perform any manual data entry in doing so. Excede administrators also learned about the options for auto-archiving documents posted in the Excede repository into the Docuphase system. There were even demonstations of Electronic Forms, Advanced Document Controls and Automated Document Workflow solutions, like automatied Invoice Processing and HR Onboarding. Excede end-users began writing up their ‘wish-lists’ about what added automation and cost-saving procedures could now be enabled using the Docuphase software, synchronized and fully-integrated with the Procede Software Suite.