With shrinking IT budgets and mandates on acquiring new information hardware that lasts longer, uses less power and increases performance and productivity, DEI has stepped forward to provide their clients who need it, the finest in mobile and desktop computers, network servers and data storage systems.

Most people don’t even know that Fujitsu won the United States Department of Homeland Security contract for providing all of the new servers and data storage units to run the DHS operation nationwide. Fujitsu beat the likes of HP, IBM, DELL and others for having better performance, longer lasting equipment and only using 2/3 the electricity required by their competitors to run at the same performance level. Stonefly Networks also offers similar quality and performance for a lower cost with stock that is readily available.

Dynamic Excellence is a key partner in providing Fujitsu Primergy Servers and Eternus Data Storage systems. In addition, DEI proudly boasts IMATION and Stonefly Data Storage systems and backup solutions, the data storage manufacturers behind such names as IBM, SIEMENS and many other top industry brands of data storage.

In mobile computing, DEI offers the finest of field units anywhere. We provide solutions working on Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads, America’s nigh-indestructible mobile computing tools. Fujitsu Lifebooks and Workstation Tablets, the ergonomics in mobile computing, are also sold and implemented by DEI design staff and field team members. Asus tablets, Samsung Tablets, Lenovo Thinkpads and desktop Thinkcenters are also available from DEI.

If your company is tired of constantly failing components in computer workstations, network server crashes or data storage that is not lasting as long as promised when your company first procured it, it could be time to let DEI show you the lines of information management hardware that extends and protects your financial investment.

Did you know you can place warranty service and parts guarantees on new servers up to 10 years out, and at no additional rate increase per year due to the age of your server? Not many do, and this is just one of the areas of best information management hardware expertise DEI will share with you.

When you have the best information management software systems receiving, storing and protecting your information and mission-critical data, it’s important to have a trusted source of computer hardware resources that add to your reliability and peace of mind. Be sure to inquire about DEI’s top rates information management hardware offerings.