Whether you outsource your document scanning needs or process your documents in-house, DEI is one of the very rare few providers who can show you how any manual data entry from paper documents is an archaic way of losing a lot of money at your place of business.

Our Document Imaging and Data Capture programs can process OCR (machine print), ICR (hand print) and OMR (marked sense) engines to grab the data off your pages and send that data to any other software application you need to have automatically updated. DEI enables you to eliminate or significantly reduce all manual data entry in your enterprise. It’s time to recover those wasted labor hours and costs you only thought you had to pay out ever fiscal year.

Our data capture also includes business logic and expression builder tools that enable our scanning processes to grab your data accurately when that data “moves around on the pages” (i.e. unstructured invoices or legal agreements). DEI carries the best document processing systems in the world that are far more affordable on your company budget, for the best performance in the industry.

With worldwide award winners like PSIGEN’s PSI-Capture, ABBYY Flexi-Capture and Kodak Capture Pro, DEI can provide you with a stronger solution that guarantees the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DEI commonly helps companies recover 5-8 figures on their document processing operations annually.

Our company management team of system designers and the best selections in scanning hardware and software, can assure your company gets the most bang for the buck in any procurement or service you need to acquire. DEI also supports these systems for the life of your company, making sure your mission-critical operations are always backed with the best technical support and field engineers. With a DEI system, system downtime will not be a concern. In fact, we’ll make your document processing so efficient, your employees may finally get a chance to breathe.

Let us send your documents, data, fax data, data from electronic documents and email, even from phone conversations and video to all of the data repositories that need it instantly. You will see at least a 300% efficiency increase or more, while your company budget heals from the cost elimination. This is the real ‘green technology’ where your office automation puts the green dollars back into the company account.