Dynamic Excellence provides the best quality, lowest priced Document Scanners and ECM hardware.

DEI can show you how to best capture your documents, data and files, automatically updating your legacy application databases and eliminate the typical manual data entry. You’ll learn how to better store, access, manage and be able to search all of your information files and documents like never before. And once that is done, we’ll show you how to really automate your business process management. Electronic web forms, automatic workflow tasks, automated data distribution and transactions, whatever you need, we have these solutions for you.

Not only is the ECM system a single source for finding and managing all of your information types and content files, but it is also an automation manager for making your electronic data and files work for you, instead of waiting for you to work on them. DEI works with our clients to discover what automated processes need to occur to make many daily, employee-handled tasks happen without human intervention. By the time your information routes automatically to you, a lot of the work you used to do with your information will have already be done for you.

Some products we offer

Kodak Document Scanners, Fujitsu fi Scanners, Panasonic KVS Scanners, Canon DR Scanners, OPEX Scanners, Contex Scanners, wholesale, scanner consumables, scanner support contracts, free shipping, manufacturer-direct. Kodak i4000 series, Kodak i5000 series, Ngenuity, Kodak i3000 series, Kodak i2000 series.

Did you know that most DEI customers recovered 6-8 figures off their bottom line of administrative costs in the first year of using their new solution? In year 2 and every year after, DEI customers saved even more money cutting their previous annual budget expenses they only thought they’d still be paying for today. Let us help you wipe off the costs of administration, documentation, data movement and on-demand data files you need at a moment’s notice. Our basic ECM solutions do this for you quickly, with a very fast time of implementation.

Capture and Data Extraction

Our data capture also includes business logic and expression builder tools that enable our scanning processes to grab your data accurately when that data “moves around on the pages” (i.e. unstructured invoices or legal agreements). DEI carries the best document processing systems in the world that are far more affordable on your company budget, for the best performance in the industry.

With worldwide award winners like PSIGEN’s PSI-Capture, ABBYY Flexi-Capture and Kodak Capture Pro, DEI can provide you with a stronger solution that guarantees the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DEI commonly helps companies recover 5-8 figures on their document processing operations annually.

Onsite Project Services

Our partnership also provides these skilled individuals at about 1/3rd – 1/4th the cost of a company’s own in-house legal team or law firm, with no wait on the schedule for prior obligations. Time is money, and scheduling qualified E-Discovery services should not wait for your own attorneys to get clear of their current schedules, the longer your E-Discovery waits to begin, the more that corporate acquisition will cost.

We Provide and maintain the best name brands in the industry
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