One of today’s most important issues is the protection of your files and data. When DEI implements the new Enterprise Content Management system, making your documents and data work for you with incredible automation, we also have to make sure you are protected from the threats of the outside world. These threats can be over the web, from anywhere in the world, or they may be internal to your enterprise, sometimes a combination of both.

DEI partners with the very finest in IT Service Providers and Consultants. These DEI business partners provide the best in network infrastructure, cloud hosting services, network and digital security solutions, and more. No one vendor has everything you need in today’s office technology world, and by partnering with the best of breed associate companies, DEI brings to you the most competitive IT Support Services and Cyber-Security solutions you can find anywhere.

We are eager to work with your own in-house IT departments or Cloud providers, we only supply what you don’t have or want to change. In the case where you need additional IT support and security measures, we remain prepared to bring in our most trusted partners for these needs and concerns. Every DEI partner is well certified in their respective fields, with long and impressive reference lists for you to contact. If you are being served by a DEI business partner, you can be assured of getting the best in quality care for your technology needs.

Our Cyber-Security solutions range from the same software components that run government security organizations like NATO, DHS and other notable top corporate entities, including Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Hardware and software driven, we can advise you on the simple solutions for securing your network assets and data, or we can bring in the more complex protection systems that enable you to track, repel and mislead your attackers.

Network protection needs and security issues tend to vary from customer to customer, so be sure to call us for an analysis and quote. These security systems are also available for proof-of-concept demonstrations and examinations. We will arrange online demonstrations and onsite reviews.

Once you have your information working for you and cutting your costs, providing a competitive edge against your competition, allow us to make certain you are fully protected in your next evolution in technological operations. We do not allow our clients to be placed at risk for missing things like outdated firewalls, network security software conflicts or end-user neglect.

With DEI as your business partner, you don’t have to worry about the routine failings of neglected infrastructure or security readiness.